Our Story


Our Story

One of our co-founders was an investment banking professional come financial adviser. He spent years helping working professionals with their finances and was shocked by the dismal state of the finances of a good number of intelligent, hard-working clients he met. Through no fault of their own, they did not grasp the fundamental concepts of how money works. Consequently, over the prior years, these clients had picked up products they did not understand, and that did not appear to support their core objectives.

Our Values

From the start, we were driven to help people achieve amazing things in their financial lives. So we have designed everything we do by first putting people in the centre and building around what they need.

Socially Driven

We are a Community Interest Company that sows a minimum of 65% of our profits back into our community - that’s you! Giving everyone a fair chance of achieving financial wellbeing.


Financial education for ages 13-65, building their confidence to make financial decisions that matter to them and helping them take back control of their financial futures.


We just do financial education, we remain independent. We have a sustainable model that does not rely on selling any financial products - so we don’t we just educate!

Meet Our Team

We continue to grow our full-time team and volunteer team. Get in touch if you want to join us on this journey in changing the financial face of the UK.

Become a Volunteer

We are looking for people who share our vision and passion to address the financial education gap and give people a fair shot at achieving financial wellbeing and success.

Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!