Investing in Financial Education for the next generation

The Problem

We all know that there is a significant financial education gap as demonstrated by thousands of young people entering into the world of work without the essentials to managing their money well. 

  • Many students are not taught how money works in schools and the teachers are not equipped to be able to deliver financial education effectively
  • As college students are preparing to enter the world of work or higher education they have only ever just managed pocket money
  • University students’ mental wellbeing is heavily impacted by the stresses related to money worries on top of being away from home and dealing with the increasing costs of a university degree

The Trilemma

With all the best intentions in the world, the education institutions just do not have the in-house expertise to teach about money.  Although many try to deliver a form of financial education, it often falls short.

  • Expertise: How can a teacher teach students about money when they themselves have never been taught how to make their money work for them?
  • Funding: It is difficult to break the cycle and bridge this financial education gaps without substantial funding
  • Urgency: Most education institutions want to act quickly to address this gap, but it takes time to develop effective financial courses and students are crying for it now.


The Solution

We believe that every young person should be provided with the essential to achieve financial wellbeing as they start out in life. After years of research, Savvney has worked with a team of young adults to build a financial education course that will be effective for young adults.  

  • This financial education course “Financial Wellbeing Essentials – Young Adults” builds critical financial capabilities at an early age so that the young can establish good financial habits
  • The course will build their financial capability and teach them how they can make money your work for them

  • Learners will get the financial confidence to make the right decisions as they learn to take control of your finances

  • Students will enjoy how the course breaks down and unpacks even the most complex topics and makes them relevant for them

  • What more, seeing and hearing ordinary young people openly discuss how they are applying these financial principles will bring the course to life and keep it very practical for them

  • This easy-to-follow, high-quality, engaging video content is available online, on any device, at any time. So they can use it in structure lessons or pace themselves

  • We believe it is our best course yet for young adults and you will love the flexibility it gives and the impact it will deliver