Financial Resilience – Individuals


Building Financial Resilience to weather the post-COVID economic downturn

The Problem

The COVID-19 crisis is more than just a health crisis.  We saw early on that  many would be impacted by the post-COVID economic downturn even after a vaccine has been found.

  • During lock-down many had no choice but to rely on debt to get by
  • UK Economy has been in recession despite the government bail-outs
  • You or your partner may be facing job losses or income reductions
  • You are not sure how to build financial resilience to weather the downturn

The Personal Challenge

You probably know you need to do something to make sure your family can weather the economic downturn.  With very little personal guidance out there, you unsure of what to do.

  • You’re unsure how to manage your finances during a financial crisis 
  • Time is running out, you know you need to build financial resilience
  • It’s overwhelming sifting through the internet to find what you need
  • You want something that is simple and designed to help you get ready now 

The Solution

Savvney has developed a financial education course we have named the Financial Resilience Booster, with a specific focus on the post-COVID economic downturn, to help you and your family weather the economic downturn better.

  • The course will build your financial capability and teach you how you can make money your work for you
  • You will get the financial confidence to make the right decisions as you take back control of your finances
  • You will enjoy how it breaks down and unpacks even the most complex topics
  • What more, seeing and hearing ordinary people openly discuss how they are applying these financial principles will bring it to life and keep it practical
  • The course walks you through exactly what you need to build financial resilience and you get to set your own pace
  • You won’t want to put down this easy-to-follow, high-quality, engaging video content which is available online, on any device, at any time.
  • We believe it is our best course yet and you will love the flexibility it gives you to take the course on the go!