Financial Wellbeing – Business


Delivering Staff Financial Wellbeing in Trying Times

The Problem

Staff’s personal finances may be impacted by the post-COVID economic downturn even after a vaccine has been found.

  • Impending economic downturn expected to be worst in living memory
  • UK Economy has been in recession despite the government bail-out
  • Some staff or their partner may face job losses or material income reductions
  • Many don’t know how to build financial resilience to weather the downturn
  • Businesses know that staff financial worries lead to lower staff productivity

The Business Challenge

Businesses are fully aware that they need to do something to help their staff and their families during this difficult time.

  • Many businesses do not have the tools readily available to help improve their staff’s financial capabilities and financial confidence
  • Staff money worries and stress is impacting business productivity
  • With many businesses having to focus on critical business continuity activities in response to COVID and BREXIT, businesses are stretched
  • There is limited capacity available internally to help staff weather the economic downturn

The Solution

Savvney has developed a Financial Resilience Booster course, with a specific focus on the post-COVID economic downturn, to help your staff weather the downturn.

  • We believe every employee should have a fair chance at maintaining their financial wellbeing through the post-COVID economic downturn
  • Using high-quality, engaging video content, available online, on any device, at any time.
  • The course will build learner’s financial capabilities and confidence, which will result in reduced staff financial worries as they take back control of their finances
  • Once staff are financially resilient, you will expect to see staff productivity and engagement improve
  • This low-cost course requires minimal systems integration and is delivered without any business disruption