Financial Resilience Booster – Full Course 1.0

A financial education course for ordinary people that helps people gain the financial resilience they need to weather the post-COVID economic downturn.

Duration: 8 hours, 45 mins

· January 1, 2021

Following the health crisis caused by COVID-19, we could foresee that there would be a significant economic crisis with some financial analysts expecting this to be “the worst recession in living memory”.   

So, the Savvney team got to work to design a financial education course that will help ordinary people boost their much-needed financial resilience.

We believe that this financial resilience booster course will give every person a fair shot at weathering the post-COVID economic downturn regardless of their background.  

The course is video-based and filmed using ordinary people having unscripted round table discussions that highlight the main issues, concerns and financial gaps that many of them are facing.

With the help of financial experts, the course introduces financial education to level set and continue the discussions so that learners can use the newfound financial capability to make financial decisions with confidence.

Furthermore, there is an inbuilt goal tracking that will give each learner a “nudge” and reminder to gently encourage them to stay on target on the journey to achieving their financial new goals.

What you’ll learn :

In the full course, you will learn the full spectrum of financial concepts from creating margin, growing your income, earning sustainable healthy returns and dealing with debt, investments, risk and pensions:

  • Welcome and Course Introduction (12 mins)
  • SECTION 1: Margin and Why (3 modules; 110 mins)
  • SECTION 2: Sustainable Resilience (3 modules; 122 mins)
  • SECTION 3: Interest and Debt Management (2 modules; 84 mins)
  • SECTION 4: Risk, Investments and Pensions (5 modules; 161 mins)
  • SECTION 5: Reinforcing Financial Wellbeing (1 module; 35 mins)

Added Extras:

The course is fully immersive and interactive with learners participating as if they were at the original round table discussion. Other things to help learners include:

  • Downloadable factsheets
  • Quizzes at the end of each module.  
  • Engage in the conversation questions
  • Drill down on any “jargon” for explanations
  • Fully immersive high-quality interactive videos.

We think you will love this financial education course.  Don’t let yourself be left behind!

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Course Includes

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