We believe everyone should have a fair chance at achieving financial success and financial wellbeing.

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Our video-based financial education courses are designed with you in mind, making them highly-engaging and easy to follow.

We believe that understanding money should not be complicated (it’s not rocket science), so we have designed our financial education courses so that everyone can access them from as young as 13 years old.

We understand that many people quietly have money worries and this can affect their mental health and with some losing sleep due to money-related stress, productivity at work drops.

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Delivering Financial Wellbeing in trying times

COVID has caused unprecedented loss and health challenges, however, the unseen problem has been the impact of the economic downturn on many peoples’ financial wellbeing.

With so many having lost their livelihoods or facing uncertain economic future’s we believe many can weather the economic downturn.

We have prepared this course especially to help you learn how to navigate, build financial resilience and weather the economic downturn.

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A shared passion for Financial Wellbeing

Our passion to build and improve financial wellbeing is shared by many businesses, charities and local councils, hence we partner directly with these organisations to make financial wellbeing a reality in their workplaces, with their beneficiaries and residents respectively. We do the heavy lifting so that they can quickly, effortlessly and with minimal disruption achieve this financial wellbeing goal together.

We believe everyone should have a fair chance at achieving financial success and financial wellbeing.

Investing in the next generation

We work through our universities and schools programs to empower the next generation and teach them essential money skills. We believe that if we teach them early, they will have the financial confidence and capabilities they need as they enter into higher education and the world of work.

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Get through some hints and tricks and current affairs. It’s good to talk about money, learn from other peoples MoneyStories.

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